About us

Untamed Africa Safaris is a new premier East African safari outfitter for international travelers and tour agents. Combining many years of wealth experience of its directors and consultants in designing and operating safaris with its expert guides in Kenya and Tanzania, UNTAMED AFRICA SAFARIS has one of the most knowledgeable safari planning teams in East Africa. Travelers and Tour operators can trust UNTAMED AFRICA SAFARIS to be up to date on new properties, new safari experiences, and the latest trends shaping East African tourism and culture. We provide expert information, insight and recommendations to our clients and partners in a variety of ways online, most importantly on the untamed Africa Safaris blog, travel forums.

We, at untamed Africa Safaris, utilizes the wealth of experience and network of expert guides in creating classic safari experiences in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, countries that collectively have made East Africa the premier safari destination for over 100 years. The Company’s accessible staff are deeply passionate about crafting safari journeys of a lifetime for its guests who come from the US, Europe and other international markets

The team, including both Untamed Africa Safaris and a growing portfolio of Top accommodation properties across East Africa, is committed to memorable experiences that exceed guest expectations while providing expertise and recommendations to clients as well as help its reseller partners profitably grow their East Africa business.

Our safari products
We’ve been working very hard to implement enhancements making it easier than ever for our clients and trade partners to work with us to design and operate the best safari itineraries available in East Africa,’ says Whitney Chemutai, Co-owner and Managing Director of Untamed Africa Safaris. “As we forge ahead with this new endeavor, we’ve also rolled out some significant changes including an extraordinary safari planning team and enhanced internal itinerary crafting approach away from the traditional systems that now offer our clients and trading partners immediate responses, recommendations and detailed/comprehensive itineraries



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